Let DIY Divorce Ltd do all your paperwork and take you through your divorce step-by-step, no headaches, no hassles, we take the pressure off.

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Common Questions

Some FAQ’s about doing a DIY Divorce.

We have given many radio interviews across the Country and have had countless Newspaper articles published about our Company. We have also featured on many TV Shows most notably RTE’s Consumer Show with Eddie Hobbs, TV3’s Ireland am, The morning show with Sybil & Martin and Sky News Ireland. Many Court Offices and even some Solicitors have recommended our Company to people seeking a more affordable Divorce. We offer a personal but professional service and the interest and feedback has gone way beyond our expectations.

We will complete all your paperwork and take you through the procedure step by step, telling you everything you need to know to obtain your Divorce, a help sheet is also included with each set of paperwork, we also offer a back up service by appointment, phone, email or post.

No, once you are two years Separated (the two years is from the time the marriage broke down) you can start Divorce proceedings.

No, in the first set of paperwork we give the month and year that the marriage broke down, in Court you will be asked under Oath to verify this information.

It does not matter where you got married as long as you now reside in the Republic of Ireland.

You can still avail of a DIY Divorce.

No, when they receive their first papers, they have three options, to Contest the Divorce, to ignore the papers or to Consent, whichever option they decide, the Divorce will still go ahead.

You should not run into any major problems as we do ask questions when we first speak to you to ascertain that our service is right for you. If there are any unexpected difficulties we do have many years experience in this field so should be easily able to deal with any complications ourselves with the support of our solicitor if we need any legal backup.

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